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I'm closing out a chapter for my art life.. The last Evokeone pack release will be happening soon. I will always remember struggling to get accepted not only to Evokeone, but to other groups as well. After I finally started creating some okay art I was accepted into Evoke. Joining Evoke helped push my creativity, make some really cool friends along the way and essentially kickstart my design career.

In 2011, when Evk was nearly ready to shut off I wanted to try to keep it going and I think some really good releases. Thinking back to those days really brings back some good memories of staying up late and skyping with friends while we collab'd or sitting at a coffee shop looking over the art packs helping prepare for the release.  

Another really great experience was flying out to Baltimore for a live art event and meeting a lot of the people from Evoke and other art groups. We partied super hard but were able to do a live release and share some of our art in a live platform.

I'd like to give a personal shout out to some of the places that helped not only EVK but many of the other groups I was in. Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Digital Artist Mag, Abduzeedo, From up North.

Thank you guys again for making me a better designer/illustrator. 
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It's a sad day today, last night I learned a friend and fellow artist of the digital art scene has passed on.  Pablo Jeffer was a truly talented designer and passionate artist not to mention a stand up guy.

I know he cared a lot for the digital art world, the artgroups he participated in. I know he was also a member of IN(Intrinsic Nature) & Evokeone.  I just wanted to share the news for those that didn't already know.  If you are unfamiliar with his work at all you can see his profile here :iconrockfield:

once again, RIP  you will be missed Pablo.
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After months of determination, we are proud to present Evoke's 29th exhibition, The End. The End brings a dark and inspiring variety of art, music, and photography. We released this exhibition on the day the Mayan calendar ends, a day predicted to signify the termination of the world as we know it. Feelings of death, rage, gloom, and bereavement are scattered throughout the artwork. Our featured artist, Parker Gibson, produced some truly outstanding collaborations and solo works for this release. He stuck with his roots, creating art that displays his rough sketch style through paint splatters and quick strokes. Howard Winterson is another dominant force in the exhibition. He crafts your imagination by his use of bold shapes, vivid colors, and detailed patterns. Long-time member Ricardo collaborated on several pieces, helping to push our newer artists to their maximum potential. Many recent recruits also contributed to the success of this release. Mike Yang's photography, Martin Grohs' matte painting, Raf Banzuela's digital painting, and Mikolaj Lawnicki's photo-manipulations are all fresh Evoke artists pushing the boundaries. On behalf of Evoke, we hope you enjoy our 29th exhibition! Grab some popcorn and browse fast, just in case the world really does end! -Brandon Spahn, EvokeOne Sr. Member

check it out!
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Hello everyone reading this. Thank you for taking the time to read this entry.

Very very soon I will be releasing some new work and I'm quite excited to share them all with you.  

Lots of new collaborative works and solo pieces and a brand new release from Evokeone.

Hope you all are having good holidays and a safe Christmas as well as a Happy New Year!
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As a small journal entry firstly thank you to anyone who even reads these or looks at anything on my page.

been finishing up my degree I am done next spring and glad to be done.  I've been trying to work on art as much as I can but I've been overwhelmed with freelance design projects and trying to find a career in design for myself.  

Soon enough I'll have some new work out and I'm excited to release them.  Anyways, hope you all have a great thanksgiving and a good rest of the year.
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Reconstruction is our 28th release. Following Nostalgia, we chose a theme to relate with time, space, and the unknown. With over 40 works in the release the artists have diligently pushed forward deeply conceptual based artwork, music and photography in a provocative style. Collaborative efforts between Daniel Kong and Nicolas Monin-Baroille bring vibrant color, life and create a unique visual aesthetic together.

Our featured artist and longtime member, Courtney Wooster, illustrates space, time and the unknown through his three piece trilogy "Odd Space". Courtney's work has changed and in this release he has reconstructed his approach to his work.

So sit back, examine and enjoy our 28th exhibit "Reconstruction".
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Following written by Matt Dobson [Sugarstack]

For our 26th exhibition, we have returned with "Evoke III". Once again, our members have experimented with their mediums and produced a set of beautiful artwork, photography and music.

This is the first exhibit to be paired with a live gallery exhibition in Baltimore, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Anthony Gargasz, James Merril, Parker Gibson, Ted Yavuzkurt and more. As this exhibit is being released, people are already enjoying these works and meeting some of the artists who created them.

RDN is our featured artist this time around. His striking digital paintings raised the bar this time around. Khyzyl Saleem, Ricardo Juarez, Luca Genovese and many more created stunning graphic illustrations, while Ian Steele and Oliver Gareis produced cool 2d vector work. All of which is accompanied by slick audio from JB Gordon and Ben Bruce.

Please check out this amazing release now - []
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Freestyle is our 25th exhibition. With over 40 submissions exploding with color and movement, Freestyle experiments with the emotion created through images of life, destruction, landscape and imagination.

Our featured artist Daniel Kong leads us in with highly creative abstract art, assisted with smooth music from Ben Bruce. Surreal collaborative work from Anthony Gargasz & Alastair Temple combine 3d, photo-manipulation and photography pushing their craft and opening the group to new vision of ideas.

Enjoy this collection of work.

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Been a bit busy with school this semester. Staying fairly active with homework has somewhat limited my ability to put forward art online, but even when I have had the time, I have failed trying so I've been a bit angry with myself here lately.

But, I have some new work coming up in the near future that I am happy to share with everyone. So thank you to everyone who has been supporting me up to this point.
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Felt like writing a new journal entry for 2011. Hopefully I start to find more time writing these things, in the past I sort of felt this part of my DA really did no good, but it's starting to pick up now so I guess I need to write more. lol.

Anyways, I've started school again and I'm working towards finishing my art degree. Classes are well but I'm staying quite busy with studies.  Alongside of school I have been working diligently on some new works, that should be out within the next few months I believe. Some work featuring some very special collaborations, and some more fun personal work too.

I have tried to keep updates on my twitter so if you guys feel like following me you can @helloParkerG

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Good things come to those who wait! Months in the making, Intrinsic Nature is back with Experiment 9--a full frontal assault of visual and auditory bliss.

IN9 showcases 65 works of art created by 45 international top notch artists.

So turn up the speakers, grab a drink, and enjoy - Intrinsic Nature is back!


I had 2 works : Rude Boy, and a collaboration with Zerj, and Bimberion (Revenant)
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Would just like once and finally remind everyone that I have entered two submissions into the be a biographer campaign, which is very easy to vote for me. You click the link and click "Dig It" simple right? please vote for me!……

On a side note, many new works are on the way. Including several collaborations with many talented artists.

I have also been recently accepted into the slashTHREE collective so check them out as well  ;

Best regards everyone,
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I would once again like to invite everyone to vote for my designs at

As a grand finalist I would have the pleasure of going to New York. This mean a great deal to me.

It's simple, you click the link, then you click Dig It.……

thank you all friends..This is a very easy process, so I appreciate your time.
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I have been extremely busy lately with some new collection of work to be released in the near future. Packed with many collaborations with several fantastic artists around the world, as well as some new personal pieces.  I have also recently entered in the BE A BIOGRAPHER contest.  I would appreciate all the votes and time from anyone and everyone! here is the link to vote on my design, you simply click and you have just put me one step closer to success!…

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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hello to all of you, I recently submitted a t-shirt design to Design By Humans.  I would appreciate any and all support given to my submission. I hope you all enjoy this shirt, I know I do.…

Best to all of you
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I was recently featured in an online magazine  Issue Number 7 titled Abstract.  There are some excellent artists, be sure to visit and support their magazine.
Please support the release of V5 and the new exhibit titled "Age XXII" at

This pack is full of talented artists, full of creative styles, and new ideas. Check out the site!

Best friend,
Over the weekend I was fortunate to take part in an Art Show organized by AmeriScores organization. A little about the show, they sponsor after school programs for kids that play soccer and write poetry. The show was set up as a silent auction and all 3 of my pieces (Fusion From My Mind, Lose Control, All I need) sold.  The show was comprised of Various abstract works such as paintings, Photography, and one work that was all hand made objects.
I was the only one that displayed photoshop work, and glad to bring a vibrant selection of works to the show.
Personality is finally released at  

Konvulse just released a new pack called X2 Freestyle! be sure to check it out all! hope you enjoy!